Vitamin C for breakouts

Let's kick off breakout week with one of our most important tips to get rid of acne and breakou

Tip 1: Vitamin C the hell out of it!
A study in 2009 tested the vitamin c levels of individuals that struggle with breakouts/acne. Individuals that struggled with breakouts had an average of 40% less vitamin c in their blood stream compared to clear skinned individuals! That's huge

We recommend supplementing with vitamin c by consuming fresh citrus fruit, kiwis or peppers or by simply popping a vitamin c supplement. Vitamin c is a super potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which will prevent your skin from looking inflamed, red and blotchy. It also promotes collagen synthesis which will help to heal your acne and prevent deep or pitted scarring!

We also highly recommend our L-Ascorbic Acid Whitening Mask for a topical dose of vitamin c to help clear breakouts, stimulate skin cell repair and to lighten hyperpigmentation.

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