Interview with Aadilah Tootla from Zaynah Collection

Zaynah Modest Collection is a South African based Instagram store that has its focus on trendy yet modest designer wear. I've had the pleasure of being friends with the owner and designer, Aadilah, for many, many years and I can tell you that Aadilah is extremely passionate about what she does. She is constantly coming up with new and exciting designs and I'm sure her clients, like myself, are always eagerly awaiting the next Zaynah Collection Launch!



Tell us a little bit about how you got started in fashion?
As a little girl, I would always gather my mom's offcuts from her sewing and cut little dresses for my dolls. It's always been something I've wanted to do.

(That is probably the cutest start to a career. I can honestly picture a mini Aadilah sewing designer wear for her dolls. )

What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer? 

"My absolute favourite part is seeing my garments being worn by happy clients!I can't explain the feeling of accomplishment and joy it brings."



You're constantly coming up with innovative design ideas. How do you stay inspired?
It's really tough to stay inspired! Some days there's a mental block. Completely. I usually take time off designing and focus on other things I love. Often I'll spend time outdoors, nature inspires me in the best of ways. Other times I simply go to the fabric wholesaler and spend ample time looking at all the fabrics, something almost always comes to mind.

Being the sole designer of a brand can be a time-consuming task. How do you balance work and life?
Balancing work and life for me is about prioritizing. Besides developing a routine that allows me to give due time to all aspects in my life, I also focus on what's important to me. I really believe that work should never cut into family time, and it's about the quality of your work hours not the quantity.

"Contentment and gratitude play a big part in my life and work to keep me balanced."

It's almost December and holiday season. Travel fashion is always the hardest for me. You want to look trendy but be comfortable at the same time. What would you recommend from Zaynah Collection to wear while traveling?
I'm loving our latest summer midi cardis, they're light weight, pretty colours and so easy to wear over anything! Minimal effort for a chic, classy look.



Aside from fashion I know you're also a makeup connoisseur. What are your current makeup essentials that you absolutely cannot live without.
My current fave make up essential has to be our rosegold makeup brushes. The application is flawless and they're so easy to use! I love how I can now use less makeup (as the brushes do not absorb any of the makeup) and achieve a smooth flawless look.

What was your favourite part about using a Shades Of Mink mask.
Everything! Your masks are world class. I love how easy it is to use, I'm all about efficiency. The results are instantaneous! I'm impatient, a mask that provides instant results is always a winner in my books.



Favourite quote right now:

"Because she competes with no one, no one can compete with her" - Lao Tzu

Thank you so much to Aadilah for taking the time out to do this interview. Follow Zaynah Collection on Instagram to view her beautiful designer wear, makeup brushes and shades of Modesty scarves (she has every colour of scarf you can even imagine and more!). Trust me you will not be disappointed!

Instagram: @zaynah_collection

(All images belong to Zaynah Collection)

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